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what is servlet life cycle?

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what is servlet life cycle?..

Answer / rama

The three important functions that implement the life cycle
of servlet are init(),service(),destroy().
When a client/user specifies a request by entering the
URL in the browser the browser generates an HTTP request
for it and sends to the server.
On receiving the HTTP request the server maps a servlet
to this request. the servlet is then dynamically retrieved
and loaded in the memory.
The server now calls the init() method of the servlet.
Parameters can be sent to configure the servlet. This
method is called only once when the servlet is first
When a request arrives for this servlet the server
invokes the service() method. this is the method which
handles all the HTTP requests and formulates HTTP response.
For every request service() method is called.
When the server decides to unload the servlet it calls
the destroy() method. Any resources which were used by the
servlet or any open files or any database connections can
be restored so that the memory used by these objects and
the servlet can then be garbage collected.

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what is servlet life cycle?..

Answer / nalinscjp

Through out the time of execution of a Sevlet, there are
many methods which are important to noticed.


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what is servlet life cycle?..

Answer / anu

There are 3 methods in servlet life cycle:init(),service
whenever servlets loads,init() method is invoked.init
()invokes only once in whole life cycle.then service()
method is invoked which handles all the Http requests and
correspondingly generate Http response.Finally service()
method is invoked for unloading the servlet.this method is
also invoked only once.

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