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how to deploy enterprise javabeans?


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what is servlet life cycle?


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Is java supports multiple inheritance? explain?

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what debugging tool that can be used to debug the java programs?


1 Java J2EE AllOther 3998

what is the IDE that you have used to write your java programs?

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2 Java J2EE AllOther 5280

How do you debug your java program?

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how to parse files without .php extension as .php extension, if you using php5 version.

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what is the max no of points of intersection of two circles
of unequal radii


Can you Please explain how the answer will be ZERO???

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Is java supports multiple inheritance? explain?


Ok, then how multiple inheritance can be achieved in java?

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What is the advantge and disadvantage of mysql_connet() and
mysql_pconnect() ? in which condition will you use
mysql_connect() and mysql_pconnect().


mysql_pconnect() will maintain a persistent connection to
the database. whenever your script calls the connect to
database function, it first searches already existing
connections to the database and if exists it will use the
same connection to connect to the database, if not it will
open a new connection to the database. ie. Connection is

where as mysql_connect() function will establish a new
connection whenever a connection to database needed, and
after executing the script, this function disconnects the
connection. ie. connection is not a persistent one.

mysql_pconnect() function is used where your site has a
Heavy Traffic and where as mysql_connect() function is used
when there is moderate/less traffic to your site.

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does PHP support foreign key and Rollback?yes or not.if not
then why. how will you done these concept in php?


PHP supports Foreign Keys in InnoDB Storage Engine in
version and above 4.0. It checks the foreign key referential
integrities on Delete and Select statements. If you strictly
needed the foreign keys and speed is not a concern then you
can create table structures using InnoDB Storage Engine.

Where as MyISAM Storage Engines does not allow foreign key
concept. But it will parse the table that contains foreign
keys but wont check the referential integreties. So it is
the job of the designer/programmer to check the desired key
and its dependency in multiple tables.

Let us suppose you have a field F1(primary)in Table1 and
this field is referenced in another tables denoted as (F2,
F3) in tables Table2, Table3......(as a foreign key)

and when you want to perform a DELETE operation/query based
on field F1, then
First you need to write a query to Delete the specified row
in Table1
and you also need to write a query to Delete all
dependent/referenced rows in other tables Table2, Table3...

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how to parse files without .php extension as .php extension, if you using php5 version.


SetHandler application/x-httpd-php5

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