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expand P P Division

expand P P Division..

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Policy Planing division

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While Scrutinizing the Trial Balance which error will catch you eye immediately...

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What is the treatment of Capital Work in Progress as per the International Accounting Standards.

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Can anyone give comparative data of NPA(non performing assets) of nationalised banks or BANKS IN INDIA for the last 5-10 years if possible with bifurcation substandard doubtful loss asset

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What is the Voucher entry (In Tally) if the Office Expenses of Company A is being made by Company B on behalf of Company A?

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how to calculate the Current Ratio, Liquid Ratio & Operating Ratio

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Where we transfer loss in Balance Sheet?

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who issues the indian accunting stANDARD

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what is the difference between liquid asset and fixed asset

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what is the good prasentation on interview

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