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Answer /

Non Governmental Organisation

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Answer / ranjithkumar r

NGO : Non Government Organization

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Answer / arun ca

National growth organisation

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Answer / vishal

national goverment organization

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More Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

plz send me the accounting questions and answers of bank of america.

0 Answers   Accenture, Bank Of America,

is there any difference between salary payable and outstanding salary??

1 Answers   ABC,


1 Answers  


3 Answers  

euro currency market

0 Answers  

Concept of forward/futures, call/put option, arbitrage, hedging, speculation, collateral management?

2 Answers   Mellon,

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2 Answers  

What is Rate Tds Agsinst Salary if Salary is 15000\- pm

3 Answers  

what is Accrual ?

6 Answers  

Please explain in brief why you consider yourself suitable for the position applied for?

2 Answers   Accounting, Godrej, KEC,

introduce yourself?

20 Answers   TCS, Wipro,

what is the difference between chartered accounant and cost accountant and which is the best course among two.

1 Answers