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Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin

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What are events occuring after the balancesheet date?

0 Answers   Capital IQ,

What do you understand by the Term Capital Gains Used in the Income Tax Act ? What are the rules regarding exemption of Capital Gains ?

1 Answers  

what is profit & loss A/c? difference between income & expenditure A/c

3 Answers   Tata Motors,

How many times can one buy and sell within a settlement cycle?

1 Answers   Mellon,

classify the following into real, nominal, personal account 1. Discount account 2. interest on debenture 3. Land account 4. salary account 5. carriage account 6. printing & stationary account 7. stock account

5 Answers  

Machinery Rate is 12000/- and residual value is 2000/- and life span is 10yrs.Calculate the dep in Straight line method.

8 Answers   Genpact,

hi..this is swathi.i completed mba finance and graduation bsc question is companys like genpact,factset.. will hire there any rule like that...I am very much greatful if u answer me....

4 Answers  

what is differance between creditors & expenses for creditors?

3 Answers  

What are the accounting conventions and Practices?

0 Answers  

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2 Answers  

fill in the Blanks The Financial Year starts from______and ends with______

4 Answers  

what type of a/c these accounts are are tey real, nominal or personal (1)realisation a/c (2)new company a/c(3)equity share holders a/c

0 Answers