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what is a bad defect and why do we write bad defects?

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what is a bad defect and why do we write bad defects?..

Answer / ghg

bad defect is not a defect. we write because, lack of

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what is a bad defect and why do we write bad defects?..

Answer / a sameer

In testing world there is no such word called bad defect.
Bad Defect is a new terminology which we are using in now a
days in testing .Here bad defect is used in two different

scenario 1:- If a bug is not reproducible then it is called
as bad defect.

Scenario 2:- For the above scenario because it is not
reproducble somemight not fix it and further that might
cause a big problem at production level.Now here if client
found that bug and send it across to the development site
they will mark this bug as bad defect.

Hope this might answer your query :)

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what is a bad defect and why do we write bad defects?..

Answer / raghavendra.r

Bad defect is a BUG\ERROR which is found during testing.

We write bad defects to pass it on to the developers so that they can correct that bug\error.

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