What is the New GL concept? how do you configure new GL

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is one time transaction called a business activity? give reasons to support you answer please.

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Explain howyou would account for the following items/situations,justifying answers by reference to the conceptual frameworks defintion and rcognition criteria. a)A trinket of sentimental value only b)You are the guarantor for your friends bank loan i) You have no reason to belive that your friend will default on the loan ii) As your friend is in serious financial dificulties,you think it is likely that he will default on the loan c)You receive 1000 shares in X Ltd,trading at $4 each,as a gift from a grateful client. d)The panoramic view of the coast from your cafes windows,which you are convinced attracts customers to your cafe

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what is the use of special general ledger if the normal trasaction in usage.

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Why Copyrights,patents,goodwill etc.etc. falls under real account and not nominal or personal account? I know anything which affect trading & Profit & Loss accounts are nominal accounts.And the above do not affect the Trading or P/L accounts but on the other hand they are intangible and neither can they fall under real accounts as Real accounts are those that are not personal and they are tangible. Again in another way if we see, Patents, Copyright ,Goodwill etc. etc. kindoff acts as a representative of a person or a company like in the same way as a Bank or Company name,so they can they not fall under Personal Account??

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tell me something about urself?

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Telly ERP9 is perfect accounting softwear in excise unit.

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waht is the menaing of accounts payble?

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define holding company,public company, if the compnay be a public company what will the criteria? asked on 30/7/09

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SIR, Tell me the which software useful for the accounting procees . what is difference is between the finacial accounting and mangemeting what are responsebilitys for a company .

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What is Deposit Clearing House ?

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What is Mean By FRS for HQ reporting, How To Prepare?

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