Short Answer on ___________fluctuating capital

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What is EPS?

1 Answers  

what is net worth

24 Answers   Bajaj, Capital IQ,

what are the characteristics of financial accounting

5 Answers   Genpact,

what do you mean by accounting (or) why accounting ? ( generally we have to speak about our achivements and goals)

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how is cost concept extension of on going concept?

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My balance sheet is tallied. But there is a difference of RO 1 in cash flow. How to adjust ?

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What is mean by Dis-investment

4 Answers   Capital IQ,

In case of new admission of partner what will be the adjustment for the sharing ratios

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debit note related to which returns?

5 Answers   Capital IQ, KFPL,

What is personal Account?

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what is tax?

51 Answers   CRP, Genpact, Kotak, Xpitax, Zenta,

Trading account reveals---------Profit and loss account reveals ---------

4 Answers