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I am looking for NIC Sample papers or any patern of
questions/ syllabus plz, send me on javed123go@gmail

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How many prime misnisters of paksitan have been dismissed so far

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Sir, i am going to write the officers exam in APSRTC. please send me the exam pattern and model papers to my mail- id. My mail-id is

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I have Passed in the BCA .what I have Option the B.Ed entrance Exam.

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In the APSRTC Traffic Supervisor Trainee Interview. The Following Questions Asked by the Interviewer. When i entered into the interview hall, Interviewer said Hello XXXXX Please Sit down.Then started Asking questions 1) When was Your Degree Completed. 2) After Completion of Degree what you have done. 3) Why you have not gone into that field. 4) How the Oppurtunities were there in the Software Industry. 5) What you are doing now. 6) What your father doing. 7) How much Salary you are earning now. 8) How can you help if you come into the APSRTC. Ok XXXXX you can go now. Thank You.

0 Answers   APSRTC,

I got selection as Postal Assistant in Kerala circle.I want some clarification regarding Salary.What is meant by Incriment & hw it calculates. Also i wish to pursue my Post Garduation.Is there any chance to get Study laeve or long leave...i need just two years...... Hope reply

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sir send me some importan questions which have asked frequently in previous rrb technician exams

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when the police constables recuriment decleration of 2012 ?

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I m preparing for PSU Exam but i m unable to get its syllabus or any web site for it. Can u plz tell me about any more.

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i have cleared the SBI clerical written test exam & have interview on 23 may so please suggest me about the Interview of the same. post the suggestions on

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Sir am C.Mouny reddy,I applied for APSRTC Officer Under Training(General) so i required the previous model papers. plz send to my id:

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which among the following is the hightest rank in indian army? a)captain b)colonel c)major d)lieutenant

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hai,any person having HPCL question mechanical paper,send me the mail

0 Answers   HPCL,