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what are agents in silk?

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what are agents in silk?..

Answer / t. g. chikkanna

In addition to Answer #3,

w.r.t. SilkTest (9.0) 2008,

Silk Test now supports 2 types of agent.
1. Classic Agent
- used for most of the applications

2. Open Agent
- Used for testing Adobe Flex & AIR application
- Also, used to test Window-Based API based

Now, SilkTest can be used to switch between these two types
of agent either manually or through script. But need a
thorough logic in script and proper configuration for
networked environment.

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what are agents in silk?..

Answer / sid

The SilkTest Agent is the component of SilkTest that
interacts with the GUI of your application. The Agent
translates the commands in your 4Test scripts
into GUI specific commands, driving and monitoring the
application you are testing.

The Agent can run locally on the same machine on which the
Host is running or, in a networked environment, any number
of Agents can run on remote machines.

In a networked environment, the machine that runs the
Agent is often referred to as the remote machine.

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what are agents in silk?..

Answer / meenu

that is 4test agent and not 4gl

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what are agents in silk?..

Answer / victoryeveryday

1.Silk Test Host software
2.4GL Agent


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