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How to record a test case?

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What is the segue testing methodology?

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What is a test frame?

0 Answers  

can any one please tell me the full form of .g.t in silktest datadriven method

0 Answers   STC,

How to define an object verification in a test case?

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In for test there are three pass modes for function arguments. They are rarely used since pass mode always default to the most used one. Pls name them and specify which one is a default?

3 Answers   IBM,

How to write the good frame work for application.

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what is DON in SILK?

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What are the default testplan attributes?

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How to create a test frame?

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What statement in for test is used to transfer control of the script out of the innermost nested for, for each, while switch or selected statement?

1 Answers   IBM,

what type of frameworks are you using in silk test?

3 Answers   Stag Computers,

Where is a testplan stored?

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