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what is audit?

what is audit?..

Answer / sudha

A audit is checking of the accounts and profit and lossess
and final calculation of the balance sheet, calculation of
the income tax should be paid is called as audit.

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how long does it usually take to get immigration visa or any other kind of visa for my arab wife to come to the united states , seing that i am an american citizen.

1 Answers  

Hai friends,if VO asks why your gre/toefl score are low? what should i gre 910,toefl 68,BTECH 63% with 1 blacklog cleared later...plz suggest me..

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Hello Team,This is Suresh Gladin from chennai,I gottta oppturnity in US to work to 2yrs,I would like to know, what type questions will be raised from US embassy, Then i got im appointment letter,Now i want to know what type of questions Embassy persons asking, Pl give the solution for me. Thank You...

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potential problem and preventive measures

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I have got H1B visa but i do not have a client letter. Is it possible for me to get visa stamped without client letter?.

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can you please give me any possible question during visa immigration interview?

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my first marriage divorce through court. I am a cristian and second marriage was in register under special marriage act 1954.(marriage was not dun in church )my question is church marriage certificate required or not for US immigrant visa interview ?.(I AM INDIAN AND MY SECOND WIFE US citizen)

1 Answers   Genpact, US Consulate, Virtusa,

I am Jordanian and my wife is an American ( borned in USA), Now we are planning to move to USA, I read all required papers which should be submitted with form and I can applied all, my Question is "How long does the application take time until I get the green card", note we have 6 month son, do we need to fill a form for him or he will get American nationality directly from his mother ?

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My Mom applied for the family based Visa and she is about to have the interview appointment. Now she is with me in the US as a visitor. Is there any way that she can have her Visa interview here and not having to go back to Germany to have her interview there in the US embassy? Thanks for any helpful advise!

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What is th Difference Between DV Visa and Green card? Why DV Lottery is also called Green Card Lottery?

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I am Jordinan citizen I made immigration two years ago and Iforgot my e. mail number , my friend toled me that he got a messige that Igot an immigration Visa before thre days and I don't know that My name is moh'd tayel sheiyab .com thank you for any helpful advise.

0 Answers   IBM,

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