There is a shortage of tubelights, bulbs and fans in a
village - Kharghar. It is found that
?All houses do not have either tubelight or bulb or fan.
?exactly 19% of houses do not have just one of these.
?atleast 67% of houses do not have tubelights.
?atleast 83% of houses do not have bulbs.
?atleast 73% of houses do not have fans.
What percentage of houses do not have tubelight, bulb and

There is a shortage of tubelights, bulbs and fans in a village - Kharghar. It is found that ?All..

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42% houses do not have tubelight, bulb and fan.

Let's assume that there are 100 houses. Hence, there should
be total 300 items i.e. 100 tubelights, 100 bulbs and 100

From the given data, we know that there is shortage of
atleast (67+83+73) 223 items in every 100 houses.

Also, exactly 19 houses do not have just one item. It means
that remaining 81 houses should account for the shortage of
remaining (223-19) 204 items. If those remaining 81 houses
do not have 2 items each, there would be a shortage of 162
items. But total of 204 items are short. Hence, atleast
(204-162) 42 houses do not have all 3 items - tubelight,
bulb and fan.

Thus, 42% houses do not have tubelight, bulb and fan.

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