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what are things you want to check in web based testing?

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what are things you want to check in web based testing?..

Answer / viji

I have been working on Web application testing since two
and half years
These are all very basic in Web application test
1) verify the URL
2) Navigation test
3) Pop up windows
4) Refresh, stop, Recent page, search test.
5)shortcut keys like Alt+ f4 should close like that
6)Menu Bars and tools

These type of test while looking on the Web window

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what are things you want to check in web based testing?..

Answer / deepa

Overview: To ensure the quality of content, layouts,
currency of news items, ease of navigation and most
important of all ease of access.

Time: Website/page changed since the last upgrade

Contents: All links inside and outside the Website working?
Do all of the images work? Are there parts of the Website
that are not connected?

Content Match: The content of critical pages match what is
supposed to be there?

Accuracy and Consistency: Server respond to a browser
request within certain parameters and latency (in E-com)

Performance: The Browser-Web-Website-Web-Browser connection
quick enough? Does the performance vary by time of day, by
load and usage? Check the performance adequate for
E-commerce applications broken pages and faulty images, with
error messages etc.

Navigation [Usability]:Users move to and from pages, click
on links, click on images (thumbnails), etc. Navigation in a
Website is quick and error free.

Validation: URL links, forms, tables, anchors, buttons of
all types in an "object like" are validated and are
independent of representation. Clear and meaningful labels
are given.

Server Response & Request time: Time taken from Browser –
Web server and Web server – Browser to deliver the page

Benchmarking: The bench marking is done based upon the
services of relevant type to that of the leading peers

Search & Caching: Proper search parameters to be given in
the Meta Content to enable the search engines to search the
page and Caching of pages to maximize the throughput.

Error Handling: Error handling /Error messages are thrown
incase of maintenance or as required.

Testing of New Server: Check for content
replication/availability, Performance, Data-base
connectivity, consistency and Access log path and Error Log

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what are things you want to check in web based testing?..

Answer / anjan kumar panda

There is one more thing which is necessery to conduct i.e
the browser compatiblity.that means to very whether the
application is open in different browser for example
(Internet explorer,netscape,mozilla,opera)etc

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