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What is mean by BRS?

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / kavitha s

BRS- bank reconcilation statment, it has been prepared by
the accountant at the end of every month .

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / rajesh

The process of comparing the amounts in the Cash account in
the general ledger to the amounts appearing on the bank
statement. The objective is to be certain that there is
consistency between the amounts and that the company's
amounts are accurate and complete

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / umesh chandra pradhan

BRS is abbreviate of bank reconciliation statement ,which is
prepared end of every book reconcile with pass
book whether any difference arise between pass book and
cash book(bank column) or not,to know true cash
position,cheque presented,cheque discounted,any bank
interest and charges debited

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / suresh

BRS is a stmt which contains complete and satisfactory
explations of bank statement and cash book. which prepared
month end.

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / ramlavat

BRS is a statement to find out the difference between bank
pass book & cash book.

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / kalai mani

BRS is bank reconcellation check closing
balance its correct or incorrect and same time chq payment
or chq recevable to tally with a/c its main purposes

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / yogesh

Bank Reconciliation Statement is a statement from where the
accountant have to declare bank book & pass book balaces
must have to be equale and find why total is not equal.

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / santosh

Bank Reconsilation statement through which comparison of the
pass book amounts with cash book amounts or equal the cash
book amounts with pass book amount by some adjustments.
That adjustments are some transaction writen in one book and
not writen in another book that type of transaction find and
adjusted in reconsilation statement through which same
amounts are got in two books

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / suresh

bank reconciliation statement is a stmt., which shows
complete and satisfactory differences between the pass book
and cash book.

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What is mean by BRS?..

Answer / vasudev karanth

BRS- bank reconsilation statement. this statement is
prepard for the purpose to match pass book and the cash
book of the company once in a month.

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