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can any body tell me the topic of rainyday pls pls pls pls
pls pls pls pls

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If you have a team , Team members do not follow policy and do not give exactly achievement, what will be doing you with them ?

0 Answers   HGS,

Speak 5 min of ur City ?

23 Answers   BPO, CompNova, Sitel, Sutherland, Tech Mahindra,

Your favourite film actor.

12 Answers   Genpact,

Who has influenced you the most? How? speak for 2 minutes 

1 Answers   SEECO, Serco, Wipro,

How would you spend your last weekend........?

6 Answers   IBM, Spice BPO,

How can you build customer loyalty?

0 Answers  

Describe your job profile in the previous company..

2 Answers   IBM,

speak 3 minute for Global warming

9 Answers   EXL, WNS,

Tell me something about yourself?

35 Answers   Accounting, Fullerton, Google, Human Resources, IBM, Infosys, Logistics, ONGC,

What will you do if the customer abused you during call?

4 Answers  

why u select bpo

4 Answers  

do they hire undergraduates? and if answer is in affirmative then what sorts of questions we hav to prepare?so tht i can crack this interview

0 Answers   AON, Genpact,