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What is near shore outsourcing?

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What do you mean by interview?

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Is there any difference between an Auditor and a Quality analyst?

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Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

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What is your experience in Client Management ? Types of Client Interaction ?

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I have question to ask about the Call center management, Q Team leader Role and Responsibilities in inbound Call center, and What will be the Primary part of that ? Q What is the Role and Responsibilities in Company As operation Manager

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what is the different between bpo and call centre

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wht did you apply at teletech? why not in tanscom, convergy's, ventus, etc.?

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Tell me about ur college days

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why you want this job (specialy when you go for first interview and changeing the industries)

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8.5 Ton = ? power consumes in 1 hour

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how can i get this job

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how are you qualified for this job?

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