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what is the role of external testing companies?

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Transaction Per second?

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Explain software testing strategies?

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What does cots represent?

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is manual testing enough for 2+ yrs,does it need any tools

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What are the main key components in Web applications and client and Server applications? (differences)

1 Answers   TCS,

hi frens, i need ur help if nebody had worked or workin on online banking projects n online job portals ..frens cud u pls gimme the realtime examples for critical bugs, high severity n low priority bugs high severity n high priority bugs low severity n low priority bugs high severity n low priority bugs related to banking n job portal

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What n+1 testing is?

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What are the Difficulties you found while testing your module ? plese give the possible difficulties.

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If 12=4, 22=10, 32=21 then 42=__?

10 Answers   EA Electronic Arts,

hi, everyone who answers my que this is prasad i have done in 2010 and i have done testing course and also written istqb certificate but when i attend any interview they are only looking for exp people so i thought to keep fake of one year and my % in is also some what less its 58. so, if i keep the fake i don't know the real time experience and what should i mention in my resume if i go for manual testing side and some basic terminology that software companies uses.. plz help me out

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What is test item?

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may i know the sites which r giving model question papers for istqb exam

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