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can any one pls tell me some differences between a LF and
command OPNQRYF?

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can any one pls tell me some differences between a LF and command OPNQRYF?..

Answer / vaiv20

LF creates a new object in the system while that is not the
case for OPNQRYF.
LF creates a permanent data access path to the physical
file that will be updated as and when and add,update and
delete operation is performed on file Whereas OPNQRYF
creates a temporary access data path that is shared by high
level pgm for further processing of recs in file.

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can any one pls tell me some differences between a LF and command OPNQRYF?..

Answer / senthilkumaran

The main difference is : Logical file creates permanent
object on the system. OPNQRYF creates temporary access

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can any one pls tell me some differences between a LF and command OPNQRYF?..

Answer / amit

I agree with Vaiv20. Just want to add that OPNQRYF is used
with keyword Share(*Yes) and that's what makes the ODP
avaiable to high level pgms.
Also the usage of OPNQRYF is for adhoc jobs that are
executed once in a while whereas LF is used in case where
the ODP is going to be used pretty regularly. So LF object
would be prefered when the usage is going to be regular
where as OPNQRYF would be good where the job is going to be
once in a while.
LF would make the job faster compared to OPNQRYF though ti
depends on what kind of maintenance option you use for LF.

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