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how to know total no of records in pf with out using sql??????

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how to know total no of records in pf with out using sql??????..

Answer / vijay verma

By using dspfd command you can find out total on record.

dspfd (libname/filename)

here u can find out total no of records.

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how to know total no of records in pf with out using sql??????..

Answer / sree

In addition to the above answer, there are 2 more ways in
knowing the total number of records.

1. Through the RPG program, Open Feedback Information of
File Information data structure (INFSR) will give the count
of records in the physical file.

2. Through CL command, Retrieve Member Description (RTVMBRD)
will give the no.of non-deleted records through NBRCURRCD

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how to know total no of records in pf with out using sql??????..

Answer / kumar vikas


it will count total number of records in pf.. remember, total number of records and not the fields.

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