How to load a object repository in QTP during runtime?

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How to load a object repository in QTP during runtime?..

Answer / nath .t

we can add object repository at runtime

Two ways are there u can add

1. when u write below syntax in Action1

Syntax: RepositoriesCollection.Add(Path)
Ex: RepositoriesCollection.Add(E:\OR\ObjRes.tsr)

if write in Action1 it will automatically add the Object
Respository to the Action1
(i.e Edit Menu-->Action-->Action Properties-->Associate
Repository tab) at runtime.

no need to add the object repository before running.

2. Add the object repository at runtime by using AOM
(Automated Object Model)

Dim qtAppn
Dim qtObjRes

Set qtAppn = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
qtAppn.Visible = True

qtApp.Open "E:\Test\Test2", False, False
Set qtObjRes = qtApp.Test.Actions

qtObjRes.Add "E:\OR\ObjRes.tsr", 1

The above example Add the Object Repository(ObjRes.tsr) to
the "Login" action in Test2.

Here also no need to add the object repository in Test2.

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How to load a object repository in QTP during runtime?..

Answer / guru

StrPath = "D:\FrameWork\Repository\GoogleHomePage.tsr"

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