Action of protocol HTTP?

Action of protocol HTTP?..

Answer / gazala

It helps in accessing the internet

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Who was the first person to translate 'bhagwat gita' sanskrit To english in 1785 ?

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I have so many materials of non moving and I have kept all in one rack, please suggest to which color I have to apply on that rack?

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My birth day is 15-11-1974 and my age is 34 years 1 month and 17 days is on 01-01-2009. The recruitment agency asks candidate age must be less than 35 years. Wheather I am eligible for the vaccancy? Kindly help me

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Hello, My name is kassande and I would like to know what Acc, in banking terms, means? Thank you

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how much you will be paid for the job of clerk in STATE BANK OF INDIA..? are you satisfied with it...? what are the chances of revision in salary..? what are the prospects for promotion..?

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what u know about google?

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Interview Body Language that Sends the Right Message?

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Interviewer: This is a phone/pen. How you will sell this item to me?

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