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Briefly tell us about yourself ?
( Should I need to mention my qualification, work
experience, hobbies, family background)
Note :- Answer should be less or equal to four lines.

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who returned to earth after a long 195 days stay in space?

1 Answers   Nabard,

what is the role of buying house in import-export and how does it work?

0 Answers   TATA,

just what is the difference between group1 and civils.............. and i want to know how to prepare the groups.Where can i get the information about this...... can u tellme plz

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how could male chauvinists be changed?! suggest some ideas to avoid women being ill-treated..

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Does Warid support EDGE ?

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what is the detail profile of a financial consultant in HDFC standard life insurance co. ltd

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which type of questions r asked in icici po interview?

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Does anybody recieved Joining Letter or Appointment Letter from IDBI Bank for the Assistant manager

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hi letme know which is the best coaching centre for RRB exams in Chennai ? I need full address with contact no.thank u. Contact me in 9791776758 anytime.

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India's first listed IT film to have crossed $1 billion turnover

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hi my company have applied for a L1 intercompany transfere visa,the INS keep coming back and asking for more and more proof,and silly questions

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hello everybody! I am soumali ,pursuing MBA with HR as a specialization,and going to face my first placement interview,plz hep me to knw that wht type of important quetions which i will face regarding my HR specialization. wht will be the answer of Q1 WHY U HV SELECTED HR AS A SPECIALIZATION? Q2 Where do you see urself from 3-5yrs from now as a HR in the company? Q3 What will be ur career goals or career path as a HR? PLZ GV ME the answers of above questions?

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