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by puting attendance to students if he absent tat should
intimate to his fathers mobile automatically anybody having
code send to me

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How do I open aspx files on android?

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We have recently bought Hart 475 communicator , when we try to use it on transmitter it shows error : Voltage detected on FF connectors and later show No device found , can any one give me and idea about how to solve it.

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Which is better asp or php?

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Tell something about Active Server Pages?

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Explain the difference between inline and code behind.

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what is diff c#and what is .net framework 3.5 what is webservice with expmles

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Explain the order of precedence for logical operators.

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How can you change the primary scripting language for a page?

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What is a form collection in asp?

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What is server control

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What is the common type system (cts)?

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Define a variable?

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