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wht is test scenario?

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wht is test scenario?..

Answer / pavithramadhusudhanan

events that occur during each testing session.Describes
actions to be performed.

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wht is test scenario?..

Answer / maheswari

Group of functions is called test scenario.

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wht is test scenario?..

Answer / madan

i think scenario is nothing but combinations of possible
roots to test the perticular functionality. for example if
u test bank application and test login window. first u r
trying to log in side as cleark which is faild to log in
side then its show stopper.instead of that u try as manager
if u get in side thn u can continue ur testing activity.
here as cleark is one senario and as a manager is another

pls send if any suitable answer if u have

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wht is test scenario?..

Answer / mfsi_krushnas

--Test scenarios are derived from Test basis.

--Test scenario states the no. of ways to verify a test

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wht is test scenario?..

Answer / seema chhipa

A name given to Test Cases is called Test Scenario.

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