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Difference between XP and Vista?

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Difference between XP and Vista?..

Answer / saurabh mishra

-->Windows Xp (sp2), which has generally the same security
features in windows vista, for example the firewall,
although windows vista's firewall is now able to monitor
both inbound and outbound traffic.
-->Windows Vista has Parental control Feature Windows XP
has No Parental control Feature "This option enables
parents to restrict Children’s which sites, games software
to use".
-->Vista requires more space to install and graphics
appears to be more beautiful.

-->BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature
available in Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate for
client computers and in Windows Server 2008.

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Difference between XP and Vista?..

Answer / suyog

Also there is difference in presence of boot.ini file which is present in XP but not in Vista.
Its one of the major deployment differences.

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