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what is the cost and financial accounting?
what is double entry system ?

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Why trade discount is not recorded in the books of account?

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how to entry in tally for other person check received

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Expand C I N

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What is the value of inventory as per Financial Accounts (AS2) and as per Cost accounts? Someone told me that as per cost accounts only works costs is considered in CARR while for FA, AS2 is followed with cost or NRV whichever is lowewr? Please explain the difference.

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Short answer on _______Amendment

0 Answers   Genpact,

how cash transferred from sbi to andhra bank can be post in tally? ( the place of Account what we have to post) (at the place of particulars what we have to post)

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what is pre settlements and post settlements in Derivatives?

0 Answers   UBS,

Differece b/t Equity and Prefferece Capital?

5 Answers   Capital IQ,

what is meant by Tangible assets intangible assets

5 Answers   Bajaj,

Compute the sales tax amount on the following transactions: MRP rs 1000/- Sales Tax is 10% cess on sales tax is 5% Turnover tax is 1% on net turnover

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what is the MIS Reports

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