Explain 5 Test Matrics?

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Explain 5 Test Matrics?..

Answer / lakshmanaraj bg

Test Matrics:

Measurement is fundamental to any engineering discipline.

Why Metrics?

- We cannot control what we cannot measure!

- Metrics helps to measure quality.

- Serves as dash-board.

The main metrics are: size, shedule, and defects.

In this there are main sub metrics.

Test Coverage = Number of units (KLOC/FP) tested / total size of the system.

Test cost (in %) = Cost of testing / total cost *100
Cost to locate defect = Cost of testing / the number of defects located.

Defects detected in testing (in %) = Defects detected in testing / total system defects*100.

Acceptance criteria tested = Acceptance criteria tested / total acceptance criteria.

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Explain 5 Test Matrics?..

Answer / rajendra prasad

Test case effectiveness
Test coverage
Number of defects
Defect severity
Time to find a defect
No of passed testcase
No of Fauiled testcases
Test Cases Executed
Test Cases Unexecuted (Blocked)
Test Cases Re-executed
Number of testers invloved in testing(Man hours)


Rajendra Prasad


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