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sir,please give question bank in SBI clerical post question
in my email id

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sir,please give question bank in SBI clerical post question in my email id..

Answer / saravana kumaran

Hi I want SBI Clerical model question paper pls help

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sir,please give question bank in SBI clerical post question in my email id..

Answer / bishwambar rout

I am Bishwambar Rout give myID New question & Answer.

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hai team members pls send sbi bank clerk exam model question paper to my email id

0 Answers  

A fuel dealer mixes two brands of fuel which cost in the ratio 2:3 A solution of 30% Brand A with Brand B yields profit of 10% when sold at RS 297. What is cost of brand B?

0 Answers   Mecon,

hai friends i have finished my B.E CSE in i have to get a interview opportunity from HP software ,chennai.please any one can send me the last year(2009) interview questions with answers for freshers.i want a full details about HP's interview question with answers,procedures also.such these one year i had try to get my job but still i have not plese send me that what i vijay,chennai

0 Answers   Accenture,

A motorcycle travels a certain length taking 7 hrs in the journey ahead, while returning, the increased speed of 12km/hr takes about 5 hrs. What was the length covered in this journey?

0 Answers   3i Infotech,

What is the max possible 3 digit prime number?

0 Answers   Accenture, BSNL,


0 Answers   Accenture,

BE*BE =ACB a,b,c and e are non zero value,find the result?

5 Answers   CTS,

In a certain college, 20% of the boys and 40% of the girls attended the annual college outing. If 35% of all the students are boys, what percent of all the employees went to the outing?

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,

1. 6 workers can complete a work in 48hrs, how much time it will take with 5 workers? 2. In 5 workers one has taken break for 8hrs how much time they will take to finish the work?

5 Answers   Franklin Templeton,


4 Answers  

If 9 examiners can examine a certain number of answer books in 12 days , working 5 hours a day ; for how many hours a day would four examiners have to work in order to examine twice the number of answer books in 30 days ?

6 Answers  

In a box there are four different coloured bells,of some quantity (4 each ) what is the minimum number of pick ups so that, atleast 2 of them of the same colour.

0 Answers   Caritor Solutions,