write a test case for air conditioner

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write a test case for air conditioner..

Answer / ravi v v

Dear guys,

There is a strategic answer i will give you for this kind
Ofcourse this can be applied to any object tesitng in the

For any Object, that has given to us to test, we have to
conduct the following 4 testing processes.

1. Functionality
2. GUI
3. Performance
4. Security

For Example: for Air Conditioner
1. Functionality:
AC machine should be able to respond to all the buttons(in
remote / ac pannel) when we hit on any button.
For example if we increase the temperature the cooling
effect should decrease. like this...

2. GUI: Check the company logo, and button pannel names and
back side the power input values etc...
and also the LBH of the window and split ACs

3. Performance: Hot ness and Cooling (can test with Stress
and Load). and Voltage it is taking.

4. Security: Should be Shock proof. Check if the AC is
fitted at Top floor in an apartment, and in winter if
sudden thuder light or strom happens, then how AC is build
if it is on and how power shock proof has been built.


Ravi V V

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write a test case for air conditioner..

Answer / pankaj

1. Check for plug-in.
2. On Power.
3. Check light(red bulb) is on or not.
4. Check all the function one by one wheather they are
working or not.
5. Check remote function they are working or not.
6. Set cooling on min.Feel temp.
7. Start to increase cooling and feel the difference.
8. Check wheather cooling is aired in every direction by
moving the grill to up, down, right & left.
9. Off the cooling and check for simple fan.
10. Check the time, how many hours/days it can work
11. Check with different temperature.
12. Check with generater/ups.
13. ETC.

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write a test case for air conditioner..

Answer / shreya gadve

yes i agree with Ravi thats ans is correct,perfect

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write a test case for air conditioner..

Answer / prasad mapari

i just saw some answers above ,i understood one thing. If you want to test any object or application you need to perform testing on "functional and non-functional levels" . once you understand it you can perform testing easily on any object or application.

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write a test case for air conditioner..

Answer / seema

that is 100% correct

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write a test case for air conditioner..

Answer / sasikumar

*check whether the plug is installed or not
*check whether the power is there or not

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