What is meant by Decision Table Testing Technique?

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Answer / ravi

Decision Table tesing is one more black-box test design
technique, likewise Equivalence partitioning and Boundary
Value Analysis.

In this technique test cases are designed to execute the
combinations of inputs.

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Answer / jyothinapa

decision table testing is one of the black box testing
technique.decision table consists of 2 columns
1.fields 2.expected output

in fields column we write all possible conditions and the
result for each possibility we will write in expected

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Answer / rmohan

decision table is used for testing complex business logics
it is black box testing where it consists of conditions and
actions.conditions are input for which there is an expexted
output which is action this totally forms a rule and each
rule should be a test case.

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Answer / lakhwinder singh

Decision tables are a precise yet compact way to model complicated logic. Decision tables, like if-then-else and switch-case statements, associate conditions with actions to perform. But, unlike the control structures found in traditional programming languages, decision tables can associate many independent conditions with several actions in an elegant way

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Answer / saff

guys plz dont try to give definiton which we can google plz
if u know try to explain itor else plz keep quite

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Answer / siddhesh_sawant

It is a table which shows different combination inputs with their associated outputs, this is also known as cause effect table.

In EP and BVA we have seen that these techniques can be applied to only specific conditions or inputs however if we have different inputs which result in different actions being taken or in other words we have a business rule to test where there are different combination of inputs which result in different actions.

For testing such rules or logic decision table testing is used.

It is a black box test design technique.

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Answer / te

If the output of functionality is depending upon multiple input condition then programmes use logical condition such as AND OR so der is chance of specifying OR operator in place of AND operator vice versa . Identify this defect decision table testing introduce ..
Login program:
If Userid exits OR password exits
Show Inbox
Show error
Login page

Inputs tc1 tc2 tc3 tc4
Unane v iv v invalid
Pwd v v iv invalid

Here tc3 will be eliminated.

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Answer / max

A Test Technique which combines combinations of inputs that might not otherwise have been exercised during testing (I saw this answer in BH0-004 tests)

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Answer / ram

its used for detecting test cases...this much only i
know...can anyone elaborately explain it?

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