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Psychic Window Technique

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Psychic Window Technique..

Answer / sahadev tarei

All you need is an interested partner and 2 or 3 minutes and
you can personally experience a form of psychic perception.
Koda's Psychic Window Technique produces the phenomenon of
visual telepathy, which causes visual alterations in the
perception of two people who are looking into each other's
eyes. The visual changes are often hallucinatory and can
result in the perception of what may be a previous
incarnation of the person you are observing. Emotional
reactions to the visual changes can be verified to occur at
the same time and with the same level of intensity using
biofeedback equipment, proving the existance of a
"non-physical" connection between the two participants.

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Psychic Window Technique..

Answer / mp

Definitely true.

This is a good explanation for subclassing as well.

Sahadev is a very bright developer. He must work in

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