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statement string in open is null or 0 length ORA-40735

statement string in open is null or 0 length ORA-40735..

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what is semphore explian it?

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Whats the purpose of using Nextval while creating the sequence.

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can u tell me how many types of oracle and which type all detail in oracle (suppose all history of oracle )

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What is the use of lockboxes? : oracle accounts receivable

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What is Restricted Mode of Instance Startup in Oracle?

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Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefits associated with each

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What is the difference between oracle media recovery and crash recovery?

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You have just compiled a PL/SQL package but got errors, how would you view the errors?

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What is chargeback invoice? How do we create it? : oracle accounts receivable

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Explain the use of setting GLOBAL_NAMES equal to TRUE.

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What is the difference between the SQL*Loader and IMPORT utilities?

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