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RoboSoft Interview Questions
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IIS Port numbers?

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How to record objects of Windows taskbar

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what is virtual function?

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ORA-06535: statement string in string is NULL or 0 length

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statement string in open is null or 0 length ORA-40735

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what is the differance between a technology and an engineering ?


du u know test pattern for robosoft? Plz share

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Define `Realisation` Account? Explain the salient features?


3) Int Matrix of certain size was given, We had few valu= es in it like this. =97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97 1 = | 4 | | 5 | &= nbsp; | 45 =97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97 &n= bsp; | 3 | 3 | 5 | = | 4 =97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97 34 |&nbs= p; 3 | 3 | | 12 | &= nbsp; =97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97 3 | &nbs= p; | 3 | 4 | = | 3 =97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97 3 | = ; | | | = ; 3 | =97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97=97 &= nbsp; | | 4 | = ; | 4 | 3 We w= ere supposed to move back all the spaces in it at the end. Note: = If implemented this prog using recursion, would get higher preference.


what will be the output for the following main() { printf("hi" "hello"); }

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Design a program using one-dimensional array that determines the highest value among the eight input values from a user. Display the difference of each value from the highest to the lowest.

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