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1. what are the types of testing you know and you experienced ?

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1. what are the types of testing you know and you experienced ?..

Answer / krishna

moduletesting- where in that we do indepth testing

integration testing- where in that we make sure the " data
flow is there between the modules or systems as per the
specifications and functionality of the appilcation

system testing: testing the system as whole

useracceptance testing: should be done by users by
installing the product and by making use of it. on the
other hand , before releasing the product testers have to
perform user acceptance testing by using the checklist of
major functinalities of the applciation and make sure that
we do not deliver the product with major issues.

perforamnce testing: making sure that the application
performs as per the expected response times when multiple
users are accessing the application

smoke testing: a quick and dirty test that the tester
performs by randomly accessing the system functionality .
this type of testing involves more like cursory testing
evaluated from electrical industry

unittesting: done by the developers team to make sure that
application can be released to the testing team to do the
indepth testing

installation testing: make sure that the application can be
installed as per the installation procedure document , this
testing involves recovery testing too

recovery testing: make sure that , how fast that the
applicaiton will recover from unexpected behaviours like
data loss, communication loss, out of diskspace

regression testing: important for any testing teams : to
make sure that the EXISTING applicaiton works when you have
enhancements and bug fixes and modifications in the
application, basically we have to make sure that the
enhancements or modifications didnt' not introduce any new
issues in the existing system

much more...i wrote these things with experience not with
the bookish knowledge

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1. what are the types of testing you know and you experienced ?..

Answer / samratreddy

testings are so many types some are
1.unit testing
2.integration testing
3.moduler testing
4.system testing
system testing is again two types
a.functional testing
b.non functional testing
5.user acceptance testing
a.alpha testing
b.beeta testing
funcional testing:
1.gui coverage
2.error handling coverage
3.input domain coverage
4.manipulation coverage
5.sanitation coverage
6.back end or data base coverage
non-fucional testing:
1.recovery testing (or) reliability testing
2.compatability testing
3.configaration testing (or) hardware compatability testing
4.inter systems testing (or)end to end testing
5.usability testing
a.user interface testing
b.manual support testing volume testing
7.secuirity testing (or)penetration testing
this is three types
a.authentication coverage
b.access control coverage
c.encryption/decription coverage
8.multi languity testing
9.installation testing
10.load testing
11.stress testing
12.endurance testing
13.parllel (or)compitative(or)comparitive testing
14.add-hoc testing
this is 6 types
a.monkey testing (or)chimpangee testing
b.buddy testing
c.exploratory (or)artistic testing
d.pair testing
e.agile testing
above 6 types of testings are called informal testing

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