what is class/object diagram

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what is class/object diagram..

Answer / dharmendra

1.class/object digram shows the relationship between
classes or objects.
2.class object digram shows the attributs and functions of
perticular class.
3.It also shows the class involve in the system.
4.It gives the basic idea about the system working.

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what is class/object diagram..

Answer / sukumar

Class diagram is daigram that shows a set of classes,
interfaces,collaborations and their relationships.
Object duiagram is a diagram that shows a set of objects
and their relationships.Both are used to show the static
structure of a system.to construct a class diagram we have
to understand context of the system and overall
responsebilities.identify the classes in ur system and
distribute responsebilities to all classes and provide
attributes and opertations.
To construct an object diagram identify the objects in
classes and give relationships to them how they are

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what is class/object diagram..

Answer / amol

In 100 cc solution, quantity
of baric acid = 80 cc and
quantity of water = 20 cc.
Suppose x litres of water be
added to mak

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