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What are the uses of the set interfaces in the java collections? : java collections

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2. Write a interface "Car" with the following methods void setName(String) String getName() void setColor(String) String getColor() void setModel(long) long getModel()

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what is java virtual machine

4 Answers  

what protocols does JNDI provide an interface to?

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What are the different types of features of the java collections framework? : java collections

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What do you understand by synchronization? Why is it important?

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Should we create system software ( e.g operating system ) in java ?

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who should use JNDI?

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What is need of DAO? Write one simple DAO example?

2 Answers   IBM,

httt method

2 Answers   HCL,

What are the considerations to be made in case of loops in java ?

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what are advantages of HQL? what are advantages of Native SQL? what are advantages of Criteria API?

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when exactly should we use throws ,and wen exactly should we use the try and catch for exceptional handling

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