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Define yourself

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Define yourself..

Answer / veena v

When the interviewer asks to "define" yourself, he is
looking at how well you can describe yourself. He does not
need what you studied, where you come from, where you
worked..etc. All that would be relevant if he asks to "tell
about yourself". So when asked to define, you need to use 3-
4 adjectives that come close to the description of your
character, personality and mental abilities. Short and
Sweet answer is the key to succes at interviews!

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Define yourself..

Answer / poonam

Whenever interview ask u define u r self never
start "myself so an so", "start my name is" or I m so an so"
Ex.My name is khushi ,I m properly from pune , i like to
watch cricket, and take participat in many quiz competition
in my collage i was winner of many quiz compotition ,
assey,sales demonstration.i complited my Graduation in
pune ,we r six member in my family.My dad is defence
officer ,my mom is house wife,and regarding my job profile
if u hav any experiance explain first the co. name than u r
job profile.

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Define yourself..

Answer / minakshi kr

Hallo every one. . .
I am from Gurgaon (Haryana)
To follow the four principles in life-'Desire, Direction,
Dedication, Discipline and managing every adversity with
challenge, control and commitment giving my best in every
area and aspect of my work. To make significant research
contributions in the field of Literature. My dream is to
give this world a new direction and want to be known as a
LADY among people.

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Define yourself..

Answer / sarfaraz

In this Question "DEFINE YOURSELF?" is compulsory to tell
about ur Family???????????
i don't think so...........

I am a MBA. In one of my career interviews the interviewer
asked me to define myself in three words and why they should
select me and reject others. I was not able to provide a
satisfying answer. Share with me some comments.

Employers look for a well-rounded person when they are
hiring an employee. Once you have satisfied the interviewer
that you are a good Mechanical Engineer he may still probe
you for further answers to get a better understanding of
your overall personality. Research has shown that employers
value following characteristics in candidates. Although all
of these traits are important, however, depending on the
nature of the job, some are more important than others:
• Excellent communication skills
• Trustworthy/ Responsible/ Mature
• Good organizational/ Time management skills
• Team player
• Able to work well under pressure/ Loves challenges
• Hard worker/ Energetic/ Self-motivated
• Having analytical skills
• Dedicated to meet deadlines/ Persists until job is done
• Adaptability to changes
• Good People Skills

You need to review this list and see which ones apply to
you. It is not a bad idea to see which areas need
improvement and determine what you can do to enhance yourself.
With regards to your second question as to why the employer
should hire you, you need to refer back to the first
question: What characteristics do you possess from the
above list which qualifies you as a model employee?
In other words, where you might lack in the number of years
in experience or the level of degree from other candidates,
you can make-up in these important, more “softer” areas. A
person with more experience and a long string of degrees
maybe turned down by an employer to hire a candidate that
shows more enthusiasm, dedication to job and adaptability to
change at work.

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Define yourself..

Answer / rahul

i m Rahul Gupta, presently pursuing my engg. frm TIT Bhoapl wid CSE branch.properly i m frm gwalior.
i m little optomistic sought of guy who takes everything in positive hobbies r listing to music,playing cricket and photo editing in picasa n adobe lightroom.
we have 4 member in my family. my father name is Mr. A. K. Gupta n he is govt servent. my mother name is Mrs. Mamta Gupta n she is house weife.
i m a gerat motivater n beleives in perfection in evry work through constant learning process.

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Define yourself..

Answer / rajesh r

I am Rajesh Rajput. From Mumbai. I am the person with
highly proactive attitude, Enthusiastic about my work and
big dreams in eyes. These merits enable me to carry out my
job at uppermost level and to achieve my aspirations.
Coming towards my Academic Qualification, I am Graduate
in Commerce with finance specialisation. With curiosity in
finance sector, I joined ABFSG and currently working
(learning) as an executive. I planned to pursue MBA in
Finance to foster my gen and utilise it as asset for my
Apart this brief about personal life is, I love my
family very much. My family consisting of 7 members and
they are strength to me to achieve my dreams.
I usually listen to music as it is the way to keep your
mind fresh and help out to generate new thoughts.
that's my brief definition.

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Define yourself..

Answer / naksh

If you go for an interview must note that things....
firstly give a brief introduction for starting like your name & qualification in Two and three line just.
Where are you going and which type of organisation?
The post you are going to have some experience or you do know about it.

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Define yourself..

Answer / ranjith.s

i am strengths are team building skills ,
enthusiastic,flexible.i can manage a team and also
coordinate with them.whatever be work given to me ,i will do
with so much of interest and energy.

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Define yourself..

Answer / rohit singh

firstly,take long breath internally then start politly
,sluggishly. because often this question is the first which
is asked by any interviewer.your answer should be
sweet,little,with great aptness like example:wish them
whatever the time it will.then "my full name is rohit
singh.i m properly from jabalpur .i m undetterd,self
confident,enthusiastic,have the qualities of good team
leader. i m always being in the zealous mode to get my
target.i have been a silver medalist in M.P. state level
BOXING championship in year 2002." if they want to see the
irony from you then show with light smile on your face

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Define yourself..

Answer / vikas

i m father name is mr. P.D.Anand. he is a govt.
employee. i m pursuing from ITM,
strengths are team building skills ,
enthusiastic,flexible,hard working.i am a very enthusiastic
person.i love playing cricket, listening to music and
discovering new places with my friends.i can manage a team
and also
coordinate with them.whatever be work given to me ,i will do
with so much of interest and energy.

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