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I got less in GRE 810 and ielts 5.5.My accademics are 60.23
with one backlog inter 72.8 ssc 69.5.So what reason should i
give for my low gre .Actually i wrote gre exam after my
engineering i am 2007 pass out.My english score in s.s.c. is
70 and in inter i got 57 and 64 in english first year and
second year and my maths in s.s.c is 75 and in inter i got
more than 138.What suitable reason i give if the visa
officer ask for low GRE.?

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my son is attending for f1 visa intervew next month to study at usa, in case not make it can he attend once again in weeks time

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i want to go to US for masters, and my college requirement was IELTS NOT TOEFL..and my ielts scores are too low only 5 band and requirement is 6 or 6.5 so tell me what i do..can i saw the VISA OFFICERS or not??

3 Answers  

i have student f1 interview on 16th dec,ihave appled for three universities,i got two i20's,my tofel is 98,no gre, my btech %s 54,should i get visa (F1)

0 Answers   Visa,


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In the interview on asking about the number of backlogs i have lied and the visa officer came to know that i have lied and he has rejected my visa for the 1st time and now if i go for the 2nd time plz tell me wht should i say that for what reason i was rejected last time.

4 Answers   Visa,

hi guys........ will there be any problem at the interview if we are going for low grade university

2 Answers  

My interview is few days away and am applying for a us student visa. I have completed my high school in 2005 and after that did a one year course of computer till 2006 and after that was helping my parents with there business till 2007 June. I then completed my swift course in NIIT which was a four months course and in midway appeared for the TOEFL exams. If the person asks what was I doing during the free time, please help me out it is the matter of my career. Thanks!

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I had given my interview on 7th december 2007 n i have been rejected?i don knw why?before i had given so many interviews never got so confused?there was one lady consulate she was not lukin as if in a good mood?she asked me abt who told you about this dowling college in new york i told her that one of my friend in us everybody is saying this was wrong? now i again i am trying but really frustrate that again taht lady shouldn't come? will i get visa second time is it possible?

2 Answers   US Consulate,

some of the univesity does not ask any scores like gre,toefl then what can i do can i apply for that.or it is risky for me in the interview.because am not going to waste my time for gre,and toefl.plzzz tell me abot this.

2 Answers  

How long you have been in this field?

1 Answers  

Hi, This is Rashmi. I have got admission in University of Northern Virginia, US for MBA course but I have not given GMAt or TOEFl exam. Will that count against me during visa interview?

0 Answers   US Consulate,

why this university?

5 Answers   US Consulate, Visa,

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