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Mening of Earning per share?

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Mening of Earning per share?..

Answer / sitaram sawant

Ans given by Mkv is wrong. When company makes profit, he
pay dividend to shareholders and not pay any profit. The
Term profit and dividend are highly differentiated.
dividend can be distributed only out of profit (u/s.205 of
co's act)of current year or previous year or out of
accumulated reserves
Formula: EPS= profit available to equity holders/no of

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Mening of Earning per share?..

Answer / hinal k

In simple terms, EPS is the amount of money you will earn
on each share which you own in a company. It is the net
income available for common stock, divided by the no of
outstanding shares. EPS for the previous year is known as
the "trailing RPS", for the current year is known as
the "current EPS" while for the next year onwards is known
as the "foward EPS".

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Mening of Earning per share?..

Answer / s.sivaprasad

The Term Earnings Per Share (EPS) represents the portion of
a company's earnings, net of taxes and preferred stock
dividends, that is allocated to each share of common stock.
The Figure can be calculated simply by dividing net income
earned in a given reporting period (usually quarterly or
annually) by the total number of shares outstanding during
the same term. Because the number of shares outstanding can
fluctuate, a weighted average is typically used.

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Mening of Earning per share?..

Answer / mkv

companies capital is devided into units. that is called
share which is invested by people that are the honour of
the company.when compnay earns the profit then he pays the
profit to the shareholders in their share ratios. the
profit is devided after tax. so the formula is as follow:-


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Mening of Earning per share?..

Answer / vishal

EPS= profit available to equity holders/no of

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Mening of Earning per share?..

Answer / snega s

after the tax deducted from EBT the earnings given to preference shareholder then the remaining amt will be given to equity shareholdersas earnings so the EPS=EARNINGS AVAILABLE TO EQUITY SHAREHOLDER÷by NUMBER OF SHARES{OLD NO OF SHARE VALUE AND NEW NO OF SHARE VALUE IF ANY}ISEqual to EPS

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