Networking Security Interview Questions
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What are the stipulations of C2 level security?

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What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

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What is the principle of least privilege?

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What is the purpose of a firewall?

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What are the 5 aspects of IT-Security?


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What is the difference between Security and Safety?

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What is risk in IT-Security?


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What are the main components of the CERT Taxonomy?


What are the vulnerabilities according to the extended CERT Taxonomy?

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What are the possible means of Internet attacks?

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What is phishing?

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What are the methods of defense (in context to IT-Security)?

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What is a security policy?

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What is a security mechanism?

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What is a security policy?

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How the telecommunicaton is working?I have heared that one control will be there for asia countries for other countries there will be another,what is that how they work?


Describe a TCP connection sequence


congestion at network due to buffer overflows and packet dropping leads to a message confidentiality threat named.....


Different Bitwin ADSL & DSL ROUTER? How To Configure


What is the idea behind the Bell-La Padula model?


What are the main components of the CERT Taxonomy?