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Networking Security Interview Questions
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What are the stipulations of C2 level security?

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What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

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What is the principle of least privilege?

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What is the purpose of a firewall?

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What are the 5 aspects of IT-Security?


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What is the difference between Security and Safety?

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What is risk in IT-Security?


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What are the main components of the CERT Taxonomy?


What are the vulnerabilities according to the extended CERT Taxonomy?

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What are the possible means of Internet attacks?

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What is phishing?

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What are the methods of defense (in context to IT-Security)?

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What is a security policy?

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What is a security mechanism?

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What is a security policy?

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Un-Answered Questions { Networking Security }

Name the port used by PING.


If you need to encrypt and compress data for transmission, how would you achieve it?


How the telecommunicaton is working?I have heared that one control will be there for asia countries for other countries there will be another,what is that how they work?


What is a ddos attack?


In context of public key encryption, if you are using both signature and encryption features, what key will you use for encryption and which one will you use for signing?


What are the different aspects of shadow it?


How does traceroute work? Now how does traceroute make sure that the packet follows the same path that a previous (with ttl - 1) probe packet went in?


What are the types of phishing attacks?


What is difference between discretionary access control and mandatory access control?


Which are the different factors that affect the security of a network?


What is cloud security?


What is threat-focused ngfw?


What is IPCONFIG command? Why it is used?


What are worms?


What is terminal emulation, in which layer it comes