Networking Administration Interview Questions
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What are the advantages for XP Service Pack2?

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What is a runt, Giant, and collision?

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What is the purpose of VRRP?


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How do you distinguish a DNS problem from a network problem?

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what is different between instalation and configuration?


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what special aspects of your work experience have prepared you for this jobs? can you describe for me one or two of your most important accomplishments? how much supervision have you typically received in your previous job?



Explain how traceroute, ping, and tcpdump work and what they are used for?

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Describe a case where you have used these tools to troubleshoot?

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What is the last major networking problem you troubleshot and solved on your own in the last year?

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What LAN analyzer tools are you familiar with and describe how you use them to troubleshoot and on what media and network types.

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Explain the contents of a routing table?


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What routing protocols have you configured?

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Describe the commands to set up a route.

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What routing problems have you troubleshot?

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How do you display a routing table on a Cisco? On a host?

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What is meant my data qutoe error In ms office


VLAN tagging/un-tagging process –where and when it happens?


how many progamming languages are found


How do two computers communicate with each other when they are connected through L2 or L3 switch?


how i can Design a client–server network with two servers operating at 100Base- T Fast Ethernet speed and the clients operating at regular 10Base-T Ethernet speed using a 10/100 Mbps NIC. The hub is located in a wiring closet, but the servers and clients are not. Assume that a satisfactory performance is achieved at 40% utilization of the LAN.


Tell me about your job profile.


why we r going to freezing service group and system, what are the freezing steps & how to freezing service group?


Draw network configuration and protocol layer interface architecture for a multiprotocol bridge that interconnects an Ethernet LAN to a token-ring LAN.


respected sir., i need knowledge, i want to do R.H.E.C but problem is this i am science graduate and a new to software line, i want to develop my carrier in I.t sector. please guide. thanks


if one server is down, whenever restart the machine we get ok prompt what is the problem?


Whether the default hello timer value is same across STP,RSTP and MSTP


Explain the Vlan tag information.


diff between /etc/inetd and smf?


Scenario: “In a switch two hosts are connected to port number 1 and 2 respectively; both the ports are configured with same VLAN id. When data is sent from one host to another, in switch VLAN tagging will happen or not? Why?”


salient feature of network administrator