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Have you used any automation tools?

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how to access a build & wat is its configuration.

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1. What is performance testing..How would you test the performance of a flash object

2 Answers   Relq,

anyone can explain about SDLC models??

4 Answers  

What does the software qa document should include?

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What is diffrence between iterative model and waterfall model?Explain What is the diffrence between iterative model and prototype model?Explain

6 Answers   IBM,

Differentiate verification and validation processes.

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Can any one tell me about the free online certifications in the QA and QC stream

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insurance domain interview questions ,i done project on insurance (manual testing)

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I want appear the ISTQB fundation level in june '08. For this i require previous question sets or glossaries.pls email me if any one have previous question sets or glossaries. my mail id is- Thanks jayanta

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What is the procedure for acquiring CMMI Certification for the company Is CMM no longer used

2 Answers  

Explain what should your qa documents include?

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How do we measure the quality of a product?

3 Answers   Satyam,