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If CPU is very slow What can u do to speed up?

If CPU is very slow What can u do to speed up?..

Answer / vinoth kumar

If ur PC is working slow, its because the RAM is getting
used to the max....and there are many background processes
utilizing your RAM.

So first of all do a Disk Cleanup by typing cleanmgr in
DOS....then download Windows Cleanup and install it on your
system....this will remove most of the unecessary files in
your entire system.....!!

Now dont dump all your folders into one drive....Store
different files in different drives....Let your desktop be
clean without any useless shortcuts.....!!!

Type msconfig in command-line and remove uncheck those
processes that you dont want to start when your system is
booting...! Also download a good Registry Cleaner which
will help in repairing your System Registry and also it
protects from viruses !!

Hope this will help you !!

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