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please give the description of stages of SDLC.And what is
feasibility study...?

please give the description of stages of SDLC.And what is feasibility study...?..

Answer / purnima

In SDLC there are six phases
1)initial Phase :-Intracting with clients and gathering the
requirements from clients by business Analyst and engaged
manager . they will prepare BRS (Business requirement
2)Analysis :-wheather that requiremnts are safficient or
not, to develop the application and test the aplication.
In this phase System anlyst,PM and TM prepare a resoure
plan and time plan.(It is temparvary plan).They will
prepare the SRS (system requirement specification).
3)Design phase :- Design the HLD( high level design) and LLD
(low level design) by chief architecture (or) technical
lead).Prepare the document TTD(Technical design document).
4)coding phase :- Coding developing according to the
particular requirements by programmers. Prepare the
document SCD( Source code document).
5)TEsting Phase :-Test the application by test eng .
provide Quality software.
6)Delevary to the client :- Deploy the software by SR.test

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