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What is negative test case ?

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What is negative test case ? ..

Answer / mlrao

Tests aimed at showing that a component or system does not
work.Negative testing is related to the tester's attitutde
rather than a specific test approach or test design
e.g.testing with invalid input values or expections.

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What is negative test case ? ..

Answer / s.j.kumaresh

Test cases are written purposely to show that the program
does not work.

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What is negative test case ? ..

Answer / shibu jacob (test engineer)

Negative Test will be effective if it sone by an Experienced
Test Engineer, because negative Test case is generating When
applying Test cases by Expecting intended output error.To
Do a negative Test a Tester Should Have Following
Prerequisites ....

1.Domain Knowledge

2.Thorough Knowledge about Input-Output relationship

3.Good Understanding about Requirements

For Negative Test usually we will create some Invalid
Situation by using INvalid Input. If Test Result is Showing
a "Pass" .Surely it will be a Good Test case.

Thank You,,

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What is negative test case ? ..

Answer / amaravathy

checking the system response by giving wrong input is called
Negetive test case

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What is negative test case ? ..

Answer / omkar

yes i m Agree the First Answer

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