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Zenith Interview Questions
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Suppose you want a certain ASP.NET function executed on MouseOver over a certain button. Where do you add an event handler?

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What will you do if you find that you cannot meet the requirements?

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what is the diffrence between qualityassurance and system testing explain in detail with an example?

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What is negative test case ?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cursor?

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what is the difference between off-line back up and on-line back up in ibm db2 udb?

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Dear All How can we get all the amounts which are generated in the HR Pay Roll to vendor (Employee treated as vendor),where we have to integrate to get these... How much amount will be transfer regarding payment (Salary) every month will be shown in Vendor (Deductions & Addings) For Example: Employee No.1224 (Treated Vendor-5071) Basic - 3000 PF 360 HRA- 1500 P Tax 100 Conveyance 600 Other Deductions 300 Edu Allowence 450 Medical Allowence 300 Shift Allowence 250 Gross Pay 6100 Total Deductions 760 Net Pay 5340 We want see as it is in Vendor account 5071 We assign GL A/cs for Symbolic Accounts-HR Pay roll works, but it doesn't show in Vendor Accounts. plz help me, where we do the changes/Config for this.

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How can i bypass websence to open the restricted sites?

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what is DLL?

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What is Files and Filegroups in SQL Server & it's implementation.

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what are the functions of marketing.


What is SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)?


Can any one give answer for this question. Suppose im having employee table with fields, eno, ename, dept, address1, address2, address3. In address field employee can fill only address1 or address2 or address3... at a time he can fill three address fields. now i want all employee names who filled only one address field.. Plz its urjent can any one give querry.. Thanks in advance.

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What is the mening of uidnvhe.?


Hi can you please answer the following these are my interview questions What is RAID & RAID levels What is DNS & DHCP What are IP classes and protocols

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Un-Answered Questions

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There is no strict data types in perl unlike in other high level languages like Java so wouldn't that be a problem if a code in perl is to be a written by a big team of 20+ members ?"


Actually i downloaded Ajax news flash module but i am having issues enabling it on my site. need help.


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i have an iterview on 18 sep for bhel ,pls send some questions asked during interview during the earlier interview on 11th sep


Explain me about the most complex scenario you have faced in in sap xi.? can any one give me the answer for this type of questions.


what is the principle used in electromagnetic spectrum?and why there is a necessary of having an electron with unpaired spins?and how the uncertainity principle is used to determine the frequency of an spectral lines ?


Zenith Interview Questions
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