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What is the non configurable item in SDLC.

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What is the non configurable item in SDLC...

Answer / anwarul alvi

by definitaion: An item which has been put under
configuration management and will not change in future
called as Non configurable item.
i may not agree with some of the example given above. for
example Defect log sheet is CI as well as a Non CI. Because
changes in defect log sheet appears untill the review is
not finished, all comments are incorporated and reviewed
item is baselined. An outsourced tool used in project may
be called as a non CI if it is not updated till project is

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What is the non configurable item in SDLC...

Answer / mohan

we can't create the baseline for such a documents is called
non-configurable items.

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What is the non configurable item in SDLC...

Answer / rajni gupta

Defect Log sheet
Any recievbles from client

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