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differance between "lr_output_message"
and "lr_error_message"?

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differance between "lr_output_message" and "lr_error_message"?..

Answer / ajay

lr_output_message function will give the data during the
run where as lr_error_message will give the error message
details when occured during the run.

For example
lr_output_message("VARNAME, %S",LR_EVAL_STRING

will give the value of the "parameter" which is substituted
in the script during the run.

Where as lr_error_message will give only error messages
during run.

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differance between "lr_output_message" and "lr_error_message"?..

Answer / shankar

lr_output_message - The lr_output_message function sends
notifications to the Controller Output window and the Vuser
log file.
lr_error_message - The lr_error_message function sends an
error message to the LoadRunner Output window.

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