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What is Defect Seeding?

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What is Defect Seeding?..

Answer / aparnaganjam

In this method, intentionally the developer/lead will
introduce the bugs in to product... we dont know in which
module they will occur.. So we have to do regression
testing to identify that bugs as well as residual bugs(more
bugs). The main intention of this is to get more bugs.

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What is Defect Seeding?..

Answer / keshab

Defect Seeding : For identify the Capability of tester
team , One Group will insert Defect in appliaction ,This
Bug will found by another Group

Example : In Real Appliaction this group will find 650 bug
but in defect seeding software they will find 30 bug out of
50 Bug total Bug in real appliaction 50*650/30 = 1084 bug
is available in Appliaction

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What is Defect Seeding?..

Answer / lakshmanaraj bg

Defect seeding is the process of introducing known defect in the build which is ready to go for testing.

So developers knowingly introduce a defect, which will automatically occure after a certain time.

Purpose of defect seeding is to determine whether build is properly tested or not?

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